Spills and Thrills

October 21, 2016


Even if you’re on the ‘right track’, you’ll get nowhere if you just sit there.

It’s sad really. Really sad, really.

To twist the old saying….Profit before people before planet. That’s the way it is and no matter who gets into power, from Trump to Trudeau to Putin to Xi Jinping 习近平, to Mukherjee to Al-assad, that’s the way it will continue.

In Canada, on the west coast, in one of the most environmentally sensitive corners of the planet, we see shipping of fuels, spills and pipelines promising more spills/disasters. And faceless corporations bribe ‘hereditary chiefs’ and deceitfully call tankers ‘barges’ in order to circumvent the lax environmental protection laws that are currently doing nothing more than employing a lot of wealthy lawyers. (See story ‘world class response’ boat sinks near spill).

And between selfies and ribbon cutting the politicians pretend to be focussed on protecting this mother we call earth. Of course some call bullshit. But it won’t do any good.

It doesn’t matter anyway, a meteor and/or poisonous volcanic gasses and/or the sun will explode conveniently destroying all evidence of our stupidity. Sniff.

from Sweden: Ace Wilder – Busy Doin’ Nothin’

Dark Times

October 21, 2016

fortOriginal from Tallboys Craft Beer House – tweaked by scout

Sister Rosetta Tharpe was black, she was a she, that gospel influence was always present in her music and she liked to play a  Gibson SG Custom electric…..good thing there was nothing to be afraid of. Amazing grace baby.

Sister Rosetta Tharpe – Didn’t It Rain – Manchester – 1964

by 180boring

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Listen to the beats and notes these guys hit as they all play off each other (and steal cigarettes from the piano player – btw he’s the only one still living). It’s wild. Don’t be afraid to go where few dare.

Chet Baker (trumpet),  Jacques Pelzer (alto sax), René Urtreger  (Piano)
Luigi Trussardi (Double Bass), Franco Manzecchi (Drums) – Bye-Bye Blackbird live in Belgium? – 1964

a gedhynation post


Out of Touch

October 19, 2016

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from YP next Home

I grew up in the suburbs……but a different kind of suburb.

“I’m waking up to fantasy
The shades all around aren’t the colors we used to see” from Out of Touch.

Yeah, things were different back then. Big time different.

So if you know C, A:m, E, G (Capo 2) then you know how to play this:

(A band with a Montreal connection – from the album with the same name)

from ArcadeFireVevo

Arcade Fire – The Suburbs – 2010


October 18, 2016

Image result for unexpected merging

So you never imagined having an opera singer on a pop song? In 1961 The Tokens had a massive hit single that used the operatic talents of Anita Darian so well that nobody really noticed that they had merged the two very diverse styles (although she certainly made her vocal presence known).

Somebody was a genius.

Here, we hear AD but don’t see her  – on Italian TV of course – with an introduction that is different in only a way that vintage Italian TV can be.

The Tokens featuring Anita Darian – The Lion Sleeps Tonight – 1961

post by Crystalairs

(Capo 3 D, G, D, A – and who’d have thought there was a banjo in there?)


You Get What You Pay For?

October 17, 2016

adelSo last week I checked online to see what a good seat at Adele’s concert at Verizon Center would set someone back. Couple of grand.

So go with your partner, have a meal at The Dub and pay the sitter and you’re out over five thousand…….

Did I ever tell you that I saw Stevie Wonder and The Rolling Stones back in ’71 at The Forum for $5.50? Ok….they weren’t the best seats….I was 15 for crying out loud!

So rather than put up some Stevie or Stones stuff here is a couple of my favourite covers of their music:

Ashley Cleveland — Gimme Shelter   1997

Bluey Robinson – All I Do Stevie Wonder – 2012


Standing Avant-garde

October 15, 2016


Ever notice that the architects in this town really like their rulers? In fact, buildings with straight lines appear in most of our towns and cities. Not a whole lot of thought goes into their creations.

Is it cheaper to take the shortest route from point A to point B? Or do these architects lack something called imagination. It’s a mystery.

Now the hundred plus year old Manitoba Legislative Building had a lot of thought and creativity go into it. That building’s a mystery.

Image result for manitoba legislative building code


Watch SM’s chord structure and touch as she plays her Taylor. Motivating.

Note how she’s got it choked right up to VII so she can use her low E string more effectively in her chord work. Q: Is her capo ‘upside down’? Can people really deviate from the accepted standard?

Keep in mind that with the capo up on the seventh fret an E:m shape is really a B:m. So here, the song is played with capoed shapes E:m, C (play the low E string also), G, D plus variances of A, C and D in the chorus but I like how she uses the standard E shape moved down a string so your middle finger is on the low E string plus an octave letting the 3rd (or standard G string capoed on VII) ring. Unconventional? Something unexpected?

Sarah McLachlan – Building a Mystery unplugged – 2008



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