Kevin Koe is in the Olympics competing for his country.
Years ago, his country forced residents of Alkavik NorthWest Territories (the town that refused to die) to relocate to Inuvik. Some, like Koe’s father’s family, stayed behind to live off the land as they had for centuries. But his father Fred was shipped to residential school down river in Inuvik.
The Colonial Dominion also ripped children from their families and force fed them colonial beliefs in residential schools disrupting and erasing their culture. But the people, the survivors, refused to be erased.
Kevin Koe’s dad was one of those children. Here’s a part of his story.

Other colonized countries, such as Australia did the same thing to its Indigenous Peoples.

Archie Roach performed in town just last year at the folk festival:
Archie Roach – Took the children away with lyrics
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Divided We Stand

February 19, 2018

United we fall? Seems to be the current modus operandi huh.

I gotta get away
I gotta get out of this place
I’ll go runnin’ in outer space oh yeah

Alice Cooper – Eighteen from Alice Cooper Trashes the World – Birmingham 1989
Chords: EmCD (ABCD) with harp or lead guitar. Change lyrics to Eighty to sing with the old folks & add a cover of (I can’t get no) Satisfaction

Calling All Astronauts – Divisive (Official Video)
Yt post by Calling All Astronauts


From arizonasfamily “Life is a highway- are you ready for the ride?” Thanks to @somonul for tagging #azfamily in the post #highway #rainbow #roadtrip #exploreaz #scenic #desert #mountain #saguaro #cactus #beautiful #southwest #azlife #arizona
The world may have indeed gone completely mad but I love this land…stolen for you and me (I also stole* the above image from somonul).
*This theft however, did not play any role in genocidal actions committed against First Peoples.

There was a time in this fair land when the railroad did not run
When the wild majestic mountains stood alone against the sun
Long before the white man and long before the wheel
When the green dark forest was too silent to be real

Above lyrics stolen from Gordon Lightfoot’s The Great Canadian Railroad Trilogy.

I came across this today. If you happen to be looking for some truth, I think it says a few things pretty accurately.



Is it time to escape yet? I ain’t waiting for the next media cycle to take our minds off of fixing what’s broke. I’s outa here (baby). Time to steal away to a place where we can abandon the madness and reaquaint ourselves with reality.


I’m always down for connecting the dots…this time from Lynn Lake MB, my Manitobah music (thanks be to Tommy C for the music and video shot in & around Alberta’s stolen badlands) to my beautiful, embezzaled, Arizonah landscape.
Nicely shot and framed video. I particularly enjoyed this image:


Tom Cochrane – Life is a Highway – 1991


Yes. There is a “Life is a Highway” and it is 391 from Thompson to Tom Cochrane’s place of birth, Lynn Lake (where his father was a bush pilot).


Sometimes the stupity, vile and robotic tweets make me question our species’ intelligence. And sometimes Twitter brings a smile to my wretched face.

The Emperer’s New Clothes

February 17, 2018

No one is brave enough to tell the Emperor he has no clothes on for fear they may be branded stupid (and one of them).

Planes were made to prove that we can fly. Yet, some use planes to kill. Cars were made as a means of transport. Yet some use them to kill. When Ernest Walton became the first human to split an atom he had no idea he was paving the way for nuclear annihilation of species and planet. Yet here we are.
Guns on the other hand have, since their creation, only had one purpose. To kill. Guns = ☠ = Pain. Simple math is not our subject evidently. Fools.
This is our overture.

History recalls how great the fall can be
While everybody’s sleeping, the boats put out to sea
Borne on the wings of time
It seemed the answers were so easy to find

Fool’s Overture – Supertramp co-founder Roger Hodgson, Writer and Composer

So some of us believe there’s a light at the end of the tunnel…but look carefully and you’ll see that the light comes from an oncoming train.



And you still refuse to see. Tragic.

The Guess Who – Pain Train (Live at the Paramount)
Yt post by Gabriel Rodrigues
Learn: Basically AGDC but check the tabs for a closer look. Slick.
RIP Kurt


Death of innocence: Anyone who damns others for speaking out against guns and trying to improve the country they live in are nothing more than limp wristed accomplices to the ongoing murder and pain caused by guns. Guns do not equate freedom! The real motive is $$. And $$ over children and innocents is irreprehensible. The evolutionary bar is set to its lowest point.

There is also one more fundamental curiosity in gun inaction that most wall builders and gun whores are missing:


Wise comment from subtlejm: “This is white privilege : thoughts & prayers for victims in suburbia. Silence for gun deaths in impoverished areas. Pitting infrastructure against social safety net after tax cuts. (Creating and then) ignoring income inequality = suicide & violence NRA*MAGA”
People who protect the NRA over children. People who believe that freedom comes from the barrel of a gun. I wish we were smart enough to realize we are our own worst enemies.
Can’t we think for ourselves? Or do you think what you think you think cuz someone’s holding your thoughts hostage…at gunpoint.
We’re sure afraid of the Emperor and his men.
Q: Have we lost our minds?

And you still refuse to see
And you still refuse to see
And you still refuse to see

Elected Profiteers

February 16, 2018

Above: two books; two countries; same title; same corruption


First video below is a bit of an “Andy Gridfith” moment demonstrating that even in the sleepy corners of our political institutions, there are plenty of elected government officials on the take.
(Qs: If someone I elect to act on my behalf takes substantial gifts from interests that stand to benefit from the gift recipient’s future actions,…is said politician not in a conflict of interest? We allow that? WTF!)
A woman speaks before government profiteers in West Virginia specifically pointing out how much cash is given to members by oil and gas lobbyists. We would also like to see pharmaceutical pay outs, gun lobbyist pay outs, MIC payola, organized crime pay outs, steel, auto makers, aerospace, high tech yada yadda and on and on multiplied by all levels of government in all jurisdictions on the planet.
It’s a great gig if you can get it…And you want government to make decisions for us??

Clutching forks and knives…to eat their bacon

A counterculture* satire on greed:

Piggies – The Beatles – 1968
Yt post by RL Quintu5

And then there’s Rocky & his friends who think loaded guns will solve all our problems:

Rocky Racoon – The Beatles – 1968
Yt Post by RyanFamilyAdventures

*If speaking ou against greed and corruption is considered “counterculture” that must mean prevailing social norms begets acceptance of greed and corruption. Well, ain’t that some $#!+.

Silence of the Sheep

February 15, 2018

You have a right to remain silent. In fact, they’re counting on it.
In a country which values guns more than children, values money more than principles, values war over peace the question that begs to be asked is “Where is the freedom”?
Now, I’m a cratchety old fart but here’s what I have to say about this: My favorite show as a kid was The Rifle Man, I played with guns all day and night, I shot guns at targets at my Uncle’s farm. I liked and respected guns. I vividly remember Mrs. Carrier sobbing uncontrollably when the radio guy announced on that November day that “President Kennedy is dead”. I remember Martin Luther King Jr., and Sen. Robert Kennedy, and John Lennon and Columbine and Sandy Hook and Las Vegas and on and on for ever and ever.
And I remember a country that insists the solution is to put up a sign at the entrance to a daycare stating: No firearms beyond this point. This in a country whose people believe guns equate freedom.
True freedom would be no one telling you not to carry loaded guns around children. True freedom would grow from an evolutionary surge in collective intelligence of constructive perception.* Dont give me that “people kill people” bullshit. When we see it over and over again a little constructive perception should manifest itself…but something is stopping that from occurring naturally. Hmmm.
*You are traveling down a road you never been on before, up ahead you see an octagonal red sign with white letters near an intersection. The sign has a vine growing on it, and all you can read is “ST_P.” These letters alone are meaningless, however taken in its context and using knowledge from past experiences you infer that it is a stop sign. This is example of constructive perception because it required intelligence and thought to combine sensory information, a red octagonal sign with “ST_P” in white letters at an intersection, and knowledge from past experiences, stop signs are red octagonal signs with “STOP” in white letters placed at an intersection, to perceive it as a stop sign.
From: Sternberg, Robert J. (2006). Cognitive Psychology, 4th ed.
So do you like beer? Let’s put the guns down and talk about it over a few pints without getting to the point where the whole thing is settled with a gun burst or a bomb blast. At worst we can agree to disagree for now. But that doesn’t bring those kids back nor do anything to stop similar deaths in the future…btw Where does the Baptist church stand on death by gun? Guess if Jesus (like this white one shown below) had been armed he wouldn’t have been crucified. But then who’d save us from our sins? Asking for a Christian friend.


Word is that kids have been eating Tide pods for a couple months now and legislators have already done something about it. Hypocrites.
From The Simpsons – Yes Mr Ford
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I killed a nation in a war
I am what I am what I am
Peace is worth dying for

More music from some homies:

Mood Jga Jga – I Am What I Am – 1974
Yt post by indigoinsf canada2

Obsession Confession

February 14, 2018

Is this too “In your face for you”?….cartoon by one of my hometown’s very own editorial cartoonist Bruce MacKinnon ( @CH_Cartoon). Sad thing is…he did it last year.
So once again the highly controlled response is: It’s not a gun problem. It’s a mental health issue. (Some are even intelligent enough to add “and it’s being ignored.”
(Someone in the back row mutters…”that’s right. The entire country needs to be treated”).
Let’s sit on our asses and wait for it to happen again…because it’s gonna.
It’s too late baby…all the politicians have been bought and paid for by various interests including (especially) the NRA.
And the people have been hyptnotized by the golden bullet.

Now would I say something that wasn’t true?

Acknowledging the men in mental health “issues”:



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