August 27, 2016

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My Arizona home is getting hit with waves of dust this season (video), what locals call “Haboobs” which comes from the Arabic هَبوب . I could have played Dust in the Wind but that would be too obvious.

So I remembered this neat song by Grant Maloy Smith that tells the South west dust bowl story sung over top of an old celtic guitar picking amhrán. How cool is that?
Ceol. Keep the rhythm in us!

“Old Black Roller” – Grant Maloy Smith 2014

Unrelated but: GMS posted this Craigslist excerpt on his Twitter account yesterday. I thought it was worthy of a repost here.

craigslist ad

Deep Woods Office

August 26, 2016

Statues of Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox

I was just in Hockeytown, USA (Warroad, Minnesota) home of the Christian brothers and numerous Olympians. If you start in this town of around 2,000 found just south of the truncated Northwest Angle, go straight south a few hundred miles,  past the land of Paul Bunyan and Babe,  past the Mississippi headwaters , past 10,000 lakes, through woods so deep you can’t see the trees, you’ll arrive at the Twin City base of this band.

From the Minnesota wild:

Farewell Milwaukee – True Love Don’t Leave Scars

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A friend of mine, a writer living in London (the real London), always gets Canadians and Americans confused. By using long words.

So it goes.

So where do writers go when they’re not creating songs, manuscripts, novels, Harlequin romances or IKEA instructions? To writers’ heaven in residence of course……like the one in this story. Gotta love it.

John K. Samson – When I Write My Masters Thesis (LIVE on Exclaim TV) – 2012

christine fellows – souvenirs – from paper anniversary – 2005

Candles Thick as Pillars

August 24, 2016


I was at my daughter’s today doing some maintenance and she popped on this retro song from the nineties. Very appropriate given the massive shake-up in Italy this morning.

Vancouver’s celtic influenced (almost Newfoundlandesque) Spirit of the West:

From 1993’s album: Faithlift – And If Venice Is Sinking

post by sotwcanada

chords from

(C)Jesus hangs behind the glass
(F)Above venetian doors
(G)His window box boasts crimson (Am)flowers fresh cut the (G)day be(C)fore
(C)And you couldn’t find a smile
(F)If you nailed it to his face
(G)But Jesus Christ (Am)hangs his head with (G)grace
And if (F)Venice is sinking
(C)I’m going (G)under
(F)’Cause beauty’s religion
And it’s (C)Christened me with (G)wonder(C) C – F – G – Am – G – C
Verse 2:
They come in bent-backed
Creeping ‘cross the floor all dressed in black
Candles, thick as pillars, you can buy one off the floor
And the ceiling’s painted gold
Mary’s hair is red
The old come here to kiss their dead
(F)Ve-rs(G)e -3:F – Am – G – C
We made love on a bed
That sagged down to the floor
In a room that had a postcard on the door
Of Marini’s Little Man
With an erection on a horse
It always leaves me laughing, leaves me feeling that, of course if
From: (Drake Hirasawa)

Warsaw Times

August 23, 2016

sadWhen I was about sixteen I came to town and visited my cousin.  He was eighteen and was writing for a local newspaper. He lived on Warsaw with a few other media guys. We walked up the stairs into the front room. Books by authors like J. R. R. Tolkien, Kurt Vonnegut & Douglas Adams, hash pipes and pizza boxes were everywhere. They had an awesome sound system and more albums than I had ever seen in one spot. This was cool.

Another thing that struck me was that the front door wasn’t locked. I asked him about it and he replied that if someone wants to come in and help themselves they were welcome to…….I still scratch my head about that one. Cool but kinda weird in a ‘hippie commune’ kinda way.

The thing is; years later, when I got my first place in a small rural town, I always left the doors unlocked – my friends from the city were always in disbelief.

Anyway….he pulls out an LP with a cartoon grin on the cover and asks me if I’d ever heard Grin and a guy named Nils Lofgren before……

Onto the turntable it goes and I’m hooked.

From the album All Out – Sad Letter – Grin ~ 1973

post by Tim Gorman


Ready. Set. Go.

August 21, 2016


Just for something to do – here is the set list (with links to the songs from a variety of sources over the years) from Tragically Hip’s closing ceremonies in Kingston last night.

Tragically Hip – Kingston, Ontario August 20, 2016

“50 Mission Cap”


Wheat Kings

At the Hundredth Meridian

In a World Possessed by the Human Mind

What Blue

“Tired As FUCK”


My Music at Work

Lake Fever

Toronto #4

Putting Down

Twist My Arm

Three Pistols

“Fiddler’s Green”

Little Bones” *

The Last Of The Unplucked Gems

Something On




Encore 1

New Orleans Is Sinking” or from the Kingston performance

Boots or Hearts

Blow at High Dough

Encore 2

Nautical Disaster


Grace, Too

Encore 3

Locked In The Trunk Of A Car

Gift Shop

“Ahead By A Century” studio live / Excellent tutorial by Shutup & Play with your guitar tuned in an open C (C,G,C,G,C,C) capoed up two to D


No words: Farewell to The Peg

*Little Bones Guitar Lesson

Bobcaygeon    ~ Bm

[Bm]When I left your house thi[C]s morning
G A*
It was a little after nine
[Bm]It was in Bobcaygeon I saw the [C]constellations
G A*
Reveal themselves one star at a time
G A* G A*
G A* G A*
Drove back to town this morning with working on my mind
G A*
I thought of maybe quitting
G A*
Thought of leaving it behind
[Bm]Went back to bed this m[C]orning
G A*
And as I’m pulling down the blind
[Bm]The sky was dull and hypo[C]thetical
G A*
And falling one cloud at a time
That night in Tor[Em]onto with its [C]checkerboard floors
Riding on [G]horseback and keeping [D]order restored
Til the men th[Em]ey couldn’t hang
Stepped to the [C]mic and sang
And their [D]voices rang with that Aryan twang
G A* G A* ( X 2 )
((I think you get the point now))
I got to your house this morning just a little after nine
In the middle of that riot
Couldn’t get you off my mind
So I’m at your house this morning
Just a little after nine
Cause it was in Bobcaygeon where I saw the constellations
Reveal themselves one star at a time.


Closed | Fermé

August 20, 2016

Mesdames et Messieurs, le pays est maintenant fermé :

Closing Time – Leonard Cohen
LC Vevo:

Or from my old Manitoba home:
Daniel Lavoie – Je n’y suis pour personne

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