Living in the house of gord…the land where the fox runs. He came. He conquered. He moved on.

Watched Long Time Running* (again) last night. Courage, love and respect are amazing gifts. Maybe the rest of the world doesn’t  get it. But we know what it’s  like.

*I thought I went to a Hip show in Winnipeg on this tour…oh well…shrug shoulders here…there are numerous connections in their stories that flow through River City. Typically and purposely, they have been curiously overlooked. Perhaps for the same reasons much of the world has overlooked them. Perhaps.

But we know what it’s  like.


Of Waterboys and Bee Gees and the miles between us (a couple of tf’s & gd’s musical delights):

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He went on a fishing. trip. – The Waterboys – Fisherman’s Blues

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To Love Somebody – Bee Gees

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Purchase (proceeds go to goodness) the Jeff Lemire image here


Oil and Water

October 21, 2017

Somebody said you can’t mix these two together. 3OH!3 and The Supremes. Pourquoi pas?

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Supremes – The Happening

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Black Sheep Black Wolf

October 19, 2017


Image from The Hub shows the north Manitoba shield. Wolves and float plane at the end of “Spirit Way“.

People who know me are very aware that one of my favorite places on the planet is found in Vermont. My happy place.

I also have a deep respect for the people and life found in the enormous boreal lake country known as the Canadian shield.

So here is an audio only live performance of Thompson Girl from Burlington Vermont.

The Tragically Hip – Thompson Girl – 1999-04-29
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Chords: Em7, C, G and Bm G,D

Thompson Girl lyrics:

Thompson Girl, I’m stranded at the Unique Motel
Thompson Girl winterfighter’s shot on the car as well
Looks like Christmas at 55 degrees
This latitude weakens my knees, Thompson Girl

Grunt work somewhere between dream and duty
Poking through with all them shoots of beauty

Thompson Girl walking from Churchill
Across the icy world with polar bears it’s mostly uphill
But when she saw that nickel stack
She whistled hard and I whistled back, Thompson Girl

Grunt work time between dream state and duty
Poking through with all them shoots of beauty
Grunt work somewhere between dreams and duty
Poking through with all them shoots of beauty

Thompson Girl we’re down to the dead houseplants
Thompson Girl we’ve jettisoned every thing we can
She says springtime’s coming
Wait til you see
It poking through with them shoots of beauty
It’s the end of rent-a-movie weather
It’s time to end this siege together, Thompson Girl
Thompson Girl
Thompson Girl
Thompson Girl


Pisew Falls near Thompson. Travel Manitoba


‘Highway’ travel near my Vermont “happy place”.

Last Kiss

October 18, 2017


Love. Understanding. Real reconciliation.  Image from CBC. See his link below.

We knew it was a question of when. Some refused to believe. Some were in denial. The inevitable came as predicted. And yet, we weren’t ready.
On this day of man-made prairie gales gusting to 115 kms/hr…a man with the Lakota spirit name Wicapi Omani, is now free and walking among the stars.

From The Darkest One:

Come in, come in, come in, come in
From under these darling skies come in
It’s warm and it’s safe here and almost harkening
Off to a time and place now lost on our imagination
Where you don’t complain, but you still do
And you don’t explain if you want to explain
What you believe you say without shame, ‘I just do’
To say what you mean you don’t mean what you say
Or you do
Where the wild are strong (Wild are strong)
And the strong are the darkest ones (The strong are the darkest ones)
And you’re the darkest one

Come in, come in, come in, come in
From thin and wicked prairie winds come in
It’s warm and it’s safe here and almost heartening
Here in a time and place not lost on our imagination

Remember Indigenous peoples. Remember his Canada. Remember good music. Remember Gord Downie.


Happy thoughts;




Haven’s Heaven

October 17, 2017

A male runner with a backpack runs down a city street while wearing shorts in the winter.

I’ve always bin a fan of Richie Haven’s arrangements and playing style. Here, he covers two songs worthy of his touch. One Van Morrison. One Bob Dylan.

She’s an angel of the first degree. With her fog, her amphetamines, and her pearls.

Richie Havens – Tupelo Honey/Just Like A Woman
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October 16, 2017


Shubie Park

I guess I have to admit…summer’s over.

I always wanted to play Carnegie Hall. Never got asked. Guess I was on someone’s “no play” list. My loss.
Roger Daltrey – The Song Is Over – Carnegie Hall 1994
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Indelibly Inevitable

October 15, 2017


Sometimes (some of us) succumb to the realization that there’s no place like home. There’s no place like home…
Hey Rosetta! Will be exiting stage left for one final time this December in St John’s.
Hey Rosetta! – Carry Me Home
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