Going Down?

September 21, 2017


Something has outgrown its original intention. Did we notice?

Honey, I shrunk the government! OMG. Now what do we do?:

Work hard for your money cuz you know it don’t come easy.

Above all, be happy being a peasant because you don’t wanna be like the fools on the hill…

So Spicer’s a liar. So what. Everyone associated with politics lies. We’ve normalized that and allowed it to be so.

But now that he’s unemployed would I hire him to work the front counter and deal with customers? Uh…no. Not my customers.


Here, Trudeau is trying to reform the laws that allow people like dentists and lawyers to incorporate and avoid paying much higher taxes. As an aside, he’s only attempting to “reform” laws that don’t affect his ability to keep his money.

Enter: more lawyers and accountants!

Hey, here’s an idea. Instead of changing a couple tax loopholes, how about overhauling & reforming government and getting it out of everyone’s business. Of course, that would mean shrinking it dramatically and getting rid of the beast’s thirst for most taxes.

Alas. (That’s right…alas), too many people are afraid to go that direction. Pity.

John Lennon – Working Class Hero ~ 1970

Basically Am, G major with a hammer-on D string to E

BTW…and I ask this question quite frankly & honestly. In this song, when Lennon states “you’re still fucking peasants” is the f-word an adjective or a verb? Just wondering.

Oh. And in this video are the kids going into or out of the fenced compound? Asking for a friend.

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Crying Snakes

September 20, 2017



Before we swallow ourselves whole, I think it may be an ideal time for some people to get off their high horse and start living. (Trouble is most people don’t even realize they are on a horse).
Yusuf / Cat Stevens – The Laughing Apple (EPK) – 2017

Same Old Song

September 19, 2017


Did he just say “band of criminals”?

Benjamin Netanyahu has said for years now that you have to talk tough to your opponents. He was real pleased that 45 not only talked like a madboy but he also called Isreal’s dreaded nemisis, Iran, out.

All this was accomplished whilst pounding the drums of war at NATO of all places!! What a brilliant performance!

Starting to connect the dots yet?

Will the real Band of Criminals please stand up!

Main event: Rocket man vs little drummer boy.


Btw. Disco killed the anti-war movement and probably set the electric car back a half century or more.

Pussycat – Same Old Song

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September 19, 2017

This searing piece of art is underneath a bridge in my town. A bridge support. Bridge. Support.
Community artwork like this puts itself ‘out there’ attracting all sorts of positive and negative reaction.
It’s a beautiful thang!
Yes, there’s still a lot of ignorance out there but…coexistance and understanding remains a viable option. Yes?

From Algonquin: kàndjiwise – compatible: capable of existing or living together in harmony.

Capable. Harmony. kàndjiwise.

Tshinanu – Samian; Kasktin

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People Are Cruel .

September 18, 2017


Religion and democracy arrives. History is written. Imgur.com

We have problems. Some pretend they don’t exist.

A world ‘leader’ can degrade women and be a positive beacon for racists?

Corporate entities can be curiously unaccountable?

Demonically controlled, khaki clad puppets lob vile and repetitive incantations into passive crowds of onlookers?

People kill in the name of religion?

BTW…I thought the internet was originally created for the sole purpose of sharing and acquiring knowledge (I assume to allow us to take a positive evolutionary step forward). Something happened, huh.

You got the blues for Christmas?? Don’t let it bring you down. It’s only castles burning…and a few other things.

Eric Bibb – Don’t Let Nobody Drag You Down

Over Our Heads

September 17, 2017

Stuck in the middle (with y’all). Clowns to the south of me. Jokers to the North. Here we are….c’mon sing along.

Nothing more to say your honor.

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Jeff Healey Band -Stuck in the Middle

The Awakening?

September 16, 2017


There’s an curiously overlooked quote from The Wizard of Oz that is quite applicable today that goes like:
Some people without brains do an awful lot of talking, don’t you think?

Btw: 1. Who is/are the wicked sorcerer(s) and demons? 2. Who are the flying monkeys? 3. Who is the bumbling wizard? 4. Who are the little people? 5. Why are we sore afraid?

Verry scarry boys and girls (until you learn the difference between a cauchemar world and reality… & the real truth). Stay tuned.

Meanwhilst…there’s no place like home huh.

This is a good song to play early on in a player’s career. Basically it is D, modified C with a walk down to G first playing your “dropped down to D” low E string. The “chorus” uses A and G major. Nice sound to it.

(I’m wonderin’ who’s playing the Hammond in this performance).

Uriah Heep – Wizard (from the L.P. Demons and Wizards) ~ 1972

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