Is Vanity Fair

December 11, 2017


Western culture is motivated by vanity.
Indigenous honor ancestors.
Indigenous nations keep connections to ancestors through a variety of means including clans, naming* and storytelling. And it is those unique and time honoured stories that your grandmother shared with you that was told to her by her grandmother that keeps the rich ancestral connectivity alive.
Women. Recognition. Respect. Honor.

The real question is not Where are you from but rather Who are you from?

For those of us who have music in our veins, we recognise some music has significant personal meaning.

As much as Bette Davis Eyes represents a significant point of my life, this song represents another.

*The Inuit peoples for example will name a new born after a respected elder or relative. From the day a child is named s/he is expected to take on the quality traits of their namesake. This not only sets expectations within the community but also keeps the connections to past relatives alive. And every body has an umbilicus.
Non-indigenous culture? Me me me…


What the World Needs Now

December 11, 2017


Life is far too short and fickle. Go out and write your song. If only for yourself.

Donna Weiss and Jackie DeShannon.(Put a Little Love in Your Heart, What the World Needs Now is Love Sweet Love…apparently JD wanted to write a song that had less than a dozen words in the title) so they came up with Bette Davis Eyes. And, although JD recorded it in the early seventies, it became a monster hit in 1981 for Kim Carnes.

Here in 1982, German singer Tamara Danz, who lost her battle with breast cancer in ’96, covers Bette Davis Eyes with her band Silly.

(Those were strange hair and fashion times…but we made it through unscathed. Right Dutch?).

Bette Davis Eyes – Silly

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December 10, 2017


A half century ago, on this day, Mr. Otis Redding died in a plane crash.

I loved him when I was a kid and had this 45. The Stax label was gold. So much soul.

Chords used G B C B Bflat A chorus G E G A bridge GDCFD


Wall of Greed

December 10, 2017

…or how the Grinches stole Christmas:

Tale of the tar people:

Do you think that politicians such as Ambrose, Notley, Wall, Nenshi, Trudeau, Scheer and other puppets of corporate greed are overstepping their boundaries just a wee bit?…And those are just some of Canada’s agents of unethical profiteers. We have a planet full of them. Buy them lunch, give them some trinkets and they’ll do whatever you want.

I mean , the mayor of Calgary or premier of Alberta or a guy from Saskatchewan or head of the MMF, telling all of us what to think? Please go back to your corporate funded lairs in Alberta or similar hideaways and Suncor castles in the mountains. You don’t speak for me or for people who have beating hearts that aren’t 3 sizes too small. We have to change, get that through your greed bludgeoned head.
From Hadwin:
A democratic society is morally responsible, for the actions of its institutions and elected or appointed representatives, at home or away. It is the responsibility of all individuals, in democratic societies to resist any crimes against life or suspected crimes against life. Ignorance, abuse, or lack of physical presence, at the scene of the crime, are not necessarily valid excuses.

We get what we deserve. Change requires thought and hard work. Thought and hard work are lacking here on Turtle Island.
The “glory” of crony capitalism shines around us but we are left in the dark. We should be sore afraid.
Bruce Cockburn

Don’t Leave

December 10, 2017


Dakotah plains: Government agents hard at work defending government/corporate values to overrun anyone and anything. Image source unknown.

Just gimme a reason to stay. Just a little bit longer.


See if you enjoy these guys from Brit Invasion bands of the 60s:

Many think this song below is about Newcastle, home town of The Animals. (Of course, the animals all live here now, mostly downtown huh.)

Mick AvoryDave RowberryJim Leverton and Dave Clarke

from Swedish TV: Shut Up Frank – We Gotta get Out Of This Place   ~nineties?

Chords: verse – GGF chorus CFG,CDG,CFG Am turnaround – C,Bflat,F,G

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December 10, 2017

Above: The Tower of Peace at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights

So for one day a year it is World Human Rights Day. (Today)
There’s a little “je me sais quoi” when bands with names like “The Killers and “Third World” cover Bruce Cockburn’s Lovers in a Dangerous Time.

Third World – Lovers in a Dangerous Time
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Can’t see our rights through the fog:


A Bellamy image

Blood Shot Eyes

December 9, 2017


From the desert. Human Experience.

Another anniversary.

And round and around we go!

First article written at deadline.

Keep greasing the squeaks with oil.

John Lennon – Watching the Wheels – 1980

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