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April 26, 2017


Cartoon credit : Michael de Adder. Trump tweet: Lumber, dairy really scary. Canada BAD!

Slapping tarifs on imported goods is no way to run an economy…but everyone does it so why the hell not, eh.

Yeah. We’re being led down the wrong path alright. Shoulda made a left turn at Albuquerque. Right?

Which way you goin’?

Love this Upstate version of the classic Dylan song. The corruptible seed has been sown.

Dm, Am, dm, Am, C, G, Bflat, C, dm (for this cover I think they CAPO II and use A major rather than the minor.)

The Band – Blind Willie Mctell

Yt post by whiteray1

Kool and the Gang – Misled – 1984


New Mexico crossroad: Image from Imnotblindyet.wordpress.com

You Got Me Hyptnotized

April 25, 2017


Lazy. Definition: Unwilling to work or expend energy.

Something’s happenin’ here. What it is (to most of us) ain’t exactly clear.

Buffalo Springfield

A friend of mine came here from Russia a few years back. We would talk about things happening in that country including the infiltration of “Russian mafia” and full scale corruption into government, police and the judiciary.

“The people put up with that” he said “because they want the government and its affiliates to do everything for them. They don’t need to think. That’s why I left.”

I know that much of our world has succumbed to such theivery of thought but I wonder if that is happening here…

Other than a few contrary examples of discomfort we are, for the most part, putting up with things we know to be wrong. We seem to be unwilling to work or expend energy to right those wrongs. Lazy. Pity.


Some songs have little or no intro. Others have an “expanded” intro.

Reminds me of driving back from the lake…

Deep Purple – Lazy

Bullshit 101

April 24, 2017

What is wrong with these two provincial flags of dominance? Kinda makes you want to plant one on someone’s property and decree that you are now the owner, huh!?

As long as that old Union Jack is on the flag then we all know who the real boss is right? The St George’s cross (religion, military, crusaders) and use of the bison (slaughtered to wild extinction) also represent a good solid contempt for the first peoples of the land. (Shrug shoulders here).

When I was younger I often expressed my disdain for the British monarchy’s grip on the Canadian psyche and life. (Without it we’d be….uh…American?..was the common argument.)

Sure, the Royals and their pack of rich friends dress impeccably and wear lovely hats and frequently jet around  their world. But what does this constitutional monarchy and head of state represent to ‘commonwealth’ countries?

Extreme personal wealth. Imperialism. Hereditary power. Colonialism. Dominance.

One monarchy defending guy told me that getting rid of the monarchy would make “the frogs and natives happy”. He said it like “making them happy” was a bad thing. What he really meant was “we have to let them know who’s in charge”.

Others told me to go to America. Even more asked me if “I wanted the country to become a republic”. (Oh the shame of it!)

They’re just livin’ the lie. Just livin’ the lie.

Everything you hear, everything*, is a lie produced to benefit one person or one group of people.

*Examples: Coke is not the real thing. We are not in Asia, the Middle East, Africa, the Arctic to spread “democracy”. Virginia is not for lovers. Everyone has weapons of mass destruction. We don’t need big government to control how we live our lives. Indians were not the ‘bad guys’ in the wild west. The monarchy does not compliment our existance. And finally, it’s not all about that bass.

And anyone who defends the role of the monarchy (or its life sucking alternate –  a big strong domineering government) is a partner in perpetuating the myth of dominance and suffering in silence.

I call bullshit. Place finger on button. No codes required.


Like Hollywood used to say : “White man speak with forked tongue”.

In the ‘related but unrelated’ category: Manitoba (the flag on the right – above) is home to 150,000 registered first nations people. (That number is larger due to those who are ‘unregistered’).
From Indian and Northern Affairs Canada:
Manitoba has 63 First Nations, including six of the 20 largest bands in Canada. Twenty-three First Nations are not accessible by an all-weather road. This accounts for more than half of all Manitoba First Nations people who live on reserve.

There are five First Nations linguistic groups in Manitoba: Cree, Ojibway, Dakota, Ojibway-Cree and Dene.

There are seven treaties with First Nations in the province, though five Manitoba First Nations are not signatory to any treaty with Canada (Birdtail Sioux, Sioux Valley, Canupawakpa, Dakota Tipi and Dakota Plains).

Time to unlearn. To question everything we are told. Everything we are shown. Ain’t nuthin’ wrong with that. Take aim.

Reel Indian (co-starring Manitoba Anishinaabe Adam Beach).

old trailer


Secret Cover Up

April 23, 2017


Cloud cover: created to gently enjoy

Firstly, the perpetrators of the cover:

Hold On – Angus Stone covers Alabama Shakes

Today’s lesson: How to take a catchy little guitar lick, mold it, massage it, polish it, add lyrics (and treat the written words with the respect the craft deserves), + terrific vocals & all around effort, keep it simple but make sure you color it with vigor & life and turn it into a damn fine piece of music. Easy.

Hold On – Alabama Shakes Original

Oh yeah…happy birthday William.



Old memories never rust or fade away. Good music keeps it that way.

As Mr. Young says: Time fades away but rust never sleeps.

One of my favourites to play. Probably because it reminds me of good times as a kid with pa and his 8 track in the ’66 LTD.

From the concert in Central Park. No doubt one of the best urban concerts ever…even beats Blind Faith in Hyde Park! (Even though Simon skipped the classic picking intro, as usual and they screwed up the lyrics in this – it was the spirit of the thing that made it so memorable).

Paul Simon – The Boxer

Meanwhile back in Manitoba…it reminds me of a New York City winter except it happens to be mid-spring:

Seventh Heaven Plus

April 21, 2017


This is a great video from Reverb.com explaining the drier side of guitar music theory in an interesting way.

Even if you don’t play guitar or aren’t interested in tonal color, structure or  descending chords, note resolution, sevenths or dominants, consonance or dissonance.

Nice inlays huh!

The song:

George Harrison with a ‘mad dogs and Englishmen’ styled ensemble including Leon Russell, Klaus Voormann, the Hollywood horns and a cast of sing-gers
From totallyclassicstuff

Learn it. A pretty easy way that incorporates all of the above in a more intermediate fashion:

YT post by mahalodotcom


April 20, 2017


Empathy. The accepted definition is “the ability to understand and share the feelings of another”.

And there’s not a whole lot of empathy going around these days. Not a whole lot. (And I think we overthink too much of what we do).

Keeping it simple…from the artist who changed the name of her recording project from Eskimeaux to Ó (simply because she possesses the ability to understand and share the feelings of another).

A lot of talent on this audiotape set…

Eskimeaux now Ó – The Thunder Answered Back (I can’t believe how much Gabrielle Smith resembles my middle daughter ‘cept my daughter plays keyboard).

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