February 21, 2009


Sometime around 1973, the music that we were used to and experiencing, died.  Like the parrot on the Monty Python skit, real music was deceased, passed on, no more, ceased to be, expired, gone to meet its maker, a stiff, bereft of life, it rests in peace!

Big business was taking over. Along with the death of real, emotional, gut-wrenching, exciting, meaningful music, the hippie culture disappeared. So did the anti-war protests, anti-pollution campaigns and an open desire for peace and love.

All gone for the addictive love of money.

Barret Strong – Money Tamla Label – Motown’s 1st big hit – 1959

YT post by nyseamex



The Beatles – Money – 1965

YT post by berkiaturime

Paul Revere & The Raiders – Money – 1965

yt post by SixtiesPopGold2

Buddy Guy – Money – 1970  Winnipeg, Canada – Festival Express

YT post by ethandeitrich1

The Flying Lizards – Money (Live) -1978

YT post by Azetato     

About the song Money :

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2 Responses to “L’argent”

  1. Thanks; haven’t heard the Flying Lizards version in a long time. firend of mine in grad school had it–back in ’80 or so. I made a mix tape, but it’s been long gone. Thanks again–and for the other stuff, too. Mighty nice site you got here; lots of space.

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