Flip Side / L’autre coté

May 3, 2009


In North America the ‘flip side’ of English language recordings could be considered to be Spanish, French, Amerindian, or any one of numerous other local languages.

But to exclude them from your listening repetoire woud be unwise.

A huge amount of material exists in French, the bulk of it coming from Québec but also ‘Acadia’, Manitoba, Louisianna and others.

Immediately following the backward steps taken during “les années noires”, Québec entered what has been called the “Quiet Revolution”. It was a period of time during the 1960s when the people started to realize who they were – and what direction they wanted to go.
Musicians started recording songs aimed solely at the Quebec market in genres previously not explored in such detail. In this case, it wasn’t exactly quiet, in fact in the field of popular music, it became quite loud (and proud).
Les Miserables were one of those bands very popular in Québec during this short period of time in Québec’s history.
Great ‘garage sound’:
Les Misérables – Misérablement votre – 1965? – YT post by TOKENHIPPIE54

More recently artists such as :

Daniel Bélanger – La folie en quatre – 1990s

YT post by rsensorat4


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