Damn Them Anyway

July 20, 2009


So there I was. Eighteen and confused every day. School was out for summer.  And my friends and I were 1500 miles from home at a cabin on a huge lake with gorgeous sand dunes…..wouldn’t you know it but 3 girl friends from our home town drop in for a few days on their way to the west coast. It was party time.

Here’s the problem:  A band from Stockport England, called 10CC  had just released probably their biggest selling single “I’m not in love” and my “girl” was humming it all the time. I guess she figured she wasn’t in love and dropped me like an iron butterfly.

Damn that 10CC. If they had just waited a couple of months. Yeah, it was all their fault all right. But it’s 30+ years later and I’m over it?

10 cc ” I’m not in love ” 1975 YT post by Cameronm55

Next song:  The interesting thing about  those bastards known as 10CC is that in 1970 they released a song under the name Hotlegs  called Neanderthal Man – this one I liked a lot!

Neanderthal Man – Hotlegs – 1970

post by Uwe T

Image credit:


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