Weekend Escape

December 30, 2009

Saturday Night Live has been offering up little pieces of pop culture moments to North American TV viewers for the past 35 years or so.

One of those episodes that caught on and really stuck to the ribs of pop culture is the “More cowbell” sketch which satirizes the original recording of one of Blue ÖysterCult’s biggest hits.

Will Farrell’s part (the fictional cow bell player Gene Frenkle) actually crosses the line between fiction and fact for some SNL viewers.

At the end of the SNL segment flashes an “In the memory of Gene Frenkle” on the screen – apparently the real band Blue Öyster Cult, often gets messages of sympathy from “fans”.

Click here to view SNL’s “More Cowbell” 2001



2 Responses to “Weekend Escape”

  1. Joe Says:

    Other than the Gene Frenkle cowbell skit, there is no such thing as “essential” BOC.

  2. untossedcoin Says:

    Probably explains why my “essential” collection does not include BÖysterC.

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