Abbey Cover

May 21, 2010

I embarrassed myself way back in the 80’s and I didn’t care at all did I! You see I was in London and decided to go to the most famous pedistrian crossing of our generation. I told the cabbie I wanted to go to Abbey Road Studios and he knew where to take me…..but….he asked why I was going. Well I wanted to take a picture of the crosswalk made famous on the cover of The Beatles’ Abbey Road, replied I. He said “Oh are The Beatles recording today?” I had to take a deep breath.

Anyway he dropped me off, and I ran into the studios, spied a couple of record exec types and asked…(Ready?)…I asked them where the famous crosswalk was. One of them took a deep breath. The other rolled his eyes and pointed to the zebra crossing just in front of the volkswagen. Damn the volkswagen I thought. I should have known.

I ran out and they muttered “stupid American” (Ha! I thought. I’ m a stupid Canadian. Stupid Brits.)

At last – my buddy in Toronto sent me this so I decided to post it – but you may have already had the pleasure.

The Fab Faux

Part one

Part Two

Part Trois


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