Old Man Us

July 30, 2010

We’re getting older, no doubt ’bout that.
Neil Young played his and my hometown on Monday and Tuesday. The picture above is from The Winnipeg Free Press and was taken at the Monday show, just after Neil learned that his long time friend and musical partner, Ben Kieth, had passed away earlier in the day at Neil’s ranch in Cal (read story).

Ben was working with Pegi on her new album.  Below is the set list from a Young concert I went to at The Forum during his  “Time fades Away” tour way back in 1973. I still occasionally see the friend I went with and he calls THAT show the best he’s ever been to. Ever. The best Jerry, the best!

Ben was there too that night  and remained a part of Neil’s life until his passing.

Neil Young set list January 18 1973 – only 8 songs…..(he played 16 Monday)

01-18-1973, Forum de Montreal, Montreal , Quebec , Canada

Tell Me Why

Old Man

Heart Of Gold


Don’t Be Denied

Cinnamon Girl

Southern Man

Are You Ready For The Country?

Band : The Stray Gators

Neil Young – vocals, guitar, keyboards, harmonica

Ben Keith – pedal steel guitar, vocals

Jack Nitzsche – keyboards

Tim Drummond – bass

Kenny Buttrey – drums

Ticket : $5.25 CD
set list site: http://www.sugarmtn.org/years/73nysets.html

OLD MAN – Neil Young – 1971

click here to view http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vef03k5i8VI&feature=avmsc2

Listen to (music only) BKs sweet mellow steel on Neil’s Albequerque.

Another great BK steel show on this recording (Ry Cooder played the lap slide on “Dirty Life and Times” and “Prison Grove”) by Mr Warren Zevon from his album The Wind, released in August 2003, only 2 weeks before Warren went to set up for that “helluva” band in R&R heaven.

Warren Zevon – Knock-Knock-Knocking on Heaven’s Door
Youtube post by MetroidfanCNC


BK himself

photo from Neil Young News


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