The Boy Who Lived Down the Laine

August 16, 2010

I dig the piano I do. I dig it. What’s not to dig?
The Moody Blues had no fear when it came to making room for piano licks in their 60’s material.  The vocalist on the first was Denny Laine, who had left the group by Tuesday Afternoon to join up with Paul to form Wings.

Go Now – The Moody Blues  –  1965

YT post by ianabroad

Tuesday Afternoon  Moody Blues  –   1968

YT post by JustinFan

In this live performance they use the organ throughout while the studio version uses piano when the song switches up-tempo. I prefer the piano. I’ve got to have more piano. I’ve got a fever and the only cure is more piano baby!

Denny Laine used to play in a Birmingham band with drummer Bev Bevan.  Laine was the inspiration for the Beatles’ song Penny Lane – changed to “Penny” after their manager thought it was best for the boys to sing about a female……kidding. Don’t believe everything you see on the I-net.

Denny Laine is in my ears and in my eyes.

Original pic credit and Lane info


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