69 Was a Different Time

November 5, 2010

above: Arlo Guthrie at the Minnesota Zoo Amphitheatre 2005. source?

Stewie, my old friend from high school was complaining the other day. He’s been upset for 41 years. Can you dig it?
You see, we lived about a two hour drive from White Lake, New York (Woodstock) and prior to the big show, his older brother offered him a ticket to Woodstock – for $25. – which included bus fare there and back. He turned it down. Too expensive.
Different times.
This song – Coming into L.A. was a song another bud and I played at gigs we did. We had this particular song down – it was the highlight of our set for sure.

Arlo Guthrie – Comin’ Into Los Angeles – Woodstock – 1969
Youtube post by Sids60sSounds


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