B.T. Oh Baby!

November 30, 2010

Remember Bachman Turner Overdrive?

You know we do all get a little older, and sometimes a little colder but the wheels are turnin’ for Randy Bachman and C.F. (Fred) Turner again. this is a clip from the weekend at Canada’s Grey Cup party going on in Edmonton. I say going on because this football celebration tends to last a few weeks, the hangovers a few months and the cost rung up on the MasterCards…….priceless.

BTW….yeah it’s pronounced “BACKMAN” not “BOCKMAN” Apparently that is and example of a Canadian Shift – but who the hell ever heard of the Canadian Shift – I think someone’s imagination went into overdrive on that one!

Bachman – Turner – Grey Cup Half Time Show
Youtube post by MeanMrMustard99

Bachman and Turner Home link

Now this has turned up on YT. Talk about capturing the moment by whoever had the camera. First of all I hope Pat feels that a knock to the head was worth his 15 minites of fame. But talk about a Canadian moment…..Edmonton….Grey Cup…..Bachman Turner……cheerleaders with ski pants and jackets on……snow….ice…..and a guy cleaning the stands getting into the music. Sure he knew he had an audience but in no way was it staged.

Bachman Turner Rehearsal Grey Cup guy takes big fall
YT post by elizabeth82199


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