Who Are You!

February 8, 2011

Jim Croce came in quickly, conquered and suddenly was gone. I was into JC. My buddy and I would sit on the rock in front of school and dream of being stars as we strummed out songs of the early seventies (but we were denied). One of our star idols was Jim Croce (and his sidekick Maury Muehleisen). Tragedy!
This video of I Got a Name is special because you realize how much the industry has changed over the many years (almost 40) since Croce graced the stage. Special because “the producers” would never allow a glitzy Las Vegas styled pianist, a dishevelled Cat driver with a guitar slung way up to his neck and a James Taylor with talent to stand in front of the camera on national TV. The advertisers wouldn’t buy it.
Shortly after recording this performance supporting the new release of I Got a Name, both Jim and Maury were killed in a plane crash in September ’73. There was a lot of sadness and to be honest, I felt a major loss…..

Peace boys.

Jim Croce – I Got a Name – 1973

YT post by findanapple


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