Let Me Tell You ‘Bout the (human-made) Birds

February 28, 2011

I come from a family of pilots and have an inherited love of flight. The pics below are of Pa and his trusty trainer and the last commercial flight of the Concorde as it lands at Heathrow and goes through the ceremonial firehose spray arch before being retired. Pics taken by my sister-in-law.

As much as I love flight, I love music and here is an excellent combination of both…..

Dreamers – Jack Savoretti -2007
YouTube post by braiscelme

My uncle, in one of his books, described a near disaster when he was flying his Sabre jet out of formation and one of those air cowboys came across his path to give him a scare. He saw a flash and felt a thump. When he landed he checked his nose cone and sure enough, there was a dent the size of a basketball. So he walked around the tarmac to check out the other planes and whadyaknow – one of them had a wing tip missing. Case solved. Yee ha!

It was a story never told until the book was written.

Jack Savoretti’s official site


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