They Say It’s Your Birthday – When’s Mine?

March 1, 2011

above – me and my pigmy doggie partying like it was 2012 (or any year that is a leap year).

Yeah, y’all get birthdays this year but I don’t. Now I ask you – Is that fair?

My tomorrow never comes – (but once every four years). Leap it!

I was 3 (or was I 12?) when this song came out in 1968 – I bought the 45 and had no idea the Liverpool 4 had dunit first. In fact, when my bro came home with Abbey Road, I immediately sneaked (snuck?) into his room to give it a listen.

I was shocked to find that The Beatles had not only stolen the song, they gave themselves credit for writing it  – the nerve of those fibbing four. Like it’s not as if they needed the cash…the taxman couldn’t have taken it all away from them right?
My 45 was exactly like the one shown but in .ca (a market notorious for cheap record labels that cut costs by not issuing in color) MY 45 had no blue – just black and white with the waves crossing the label through the middle of nowhere – man. Kinda takes away from the visual effect.
US (Underground Sunshine) hailed from Wisconsin – no damn wonder I liked their version better.

Underground Sunshine – Birthday 1968
YouTube post by PCino45s2


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