NOT a Melting Pot

March 8, 2011

Nhussi & band at Fringe Festival’s Old Market Square stage (pre cube)

What do you get when North America meets Africa? NAfro. A merging of North American and African music and dance. Yesterday, my daughter took me to see Casimiro Nhussi and the NAfro band and contemporary dancers yesterday – exceptional! Djembe drums were passed into the audience for a special inclusiveness that seldom happens with stage performances. Very cool.
And if you’ve ever been to the Winnipeg Folk Festival (or others for that matter) you will know what the Djembe drum sounds like – impromptu “hoots” of the hill last all night every night. I swear the sound of drums remains in our heads for weeks afterward…..

The Nafro band – African percussions and a whole lot more – 2009
YouTube post by steadycam1969

Djembe “duke out” – West Africa
YouTube post by michaelpluznick


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