Spanking the Strings

March 9, 2011

picture credit

When we were young we got spanked. I don’t know why. We just did. We also got the wooden spoon and sometimes were told: “Just wat ’till your father gets home…” (at that point I’d run outside and play until the street lights came on – then sneak home).
And at school, there was the ever popular “ruler slam” which every teacher would effectively employ either on their own desk or the desk of the student making them upset. Yeah that woke us up.
But the best was “the strap”. Sometimes given by the teacher but usually the job went to the principal (ours liked to whack them bad students out in the hall by his office so the smack and (sometimes) screams could be heard echoing through the halls of justice.
Poor Craig Penzik. We called him “leather palms” cuz of his weekly strappings and his ability to take it without flinching – its amazing what a couple of hundred straps will do to the skin on your right hand. Good times.
Here’s a video by the man from Oz, Xavier Rudd putting his strings over his lap and spanking them silly – just like the olden days!

(cool lap slide – XR is playing what appears to be a Weissenborn)

Youtube post by le106tv
Xavier Rudd – Love Comes and Goes – Le 106 Rouen, Normandie 2010


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