Falling Stars

April 27, 2011

I was driving home past the Shooting Star Casino on Sunday and noticed that The Beach Boys are coming to play in June (they are also coming to play in Winkler – yup Winkler, Manitoba – hotbed of mystery, intrigue, romance, fortune and danger – maybe they should get Don Percy to m.c.).

I saw them back in ’75 – well after their seminal (why is everyone using that word lately?) Pet Sounds and all the hit singles they had in the 60’s. I thought they were on their last legs even back then – they proved me wrong huh?

I also saw a real shooting star falling to earth that night – some sort of omen I guess.

The Boys had one song that was on their 1971 album Surf’s Up that really was out of character (meaning not a surfing song) – not to mention released when they were “past their prime”. And I liked the album cover.

Student Demonstration – Beach Boys – 1971
YT post by ronnepon1965

Maybe there’s hope for my rock star career yet!


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