What Happened to the First Six Sojourns?

May 4, 2011

Back in ’73 most of my friends and I entered into college at 17 – far too young to be in classrooms where even the profs smoked. The student lounge was a favourite hangout to smoke whatever was illegal and try to play bridge.
The lounge became more crowded & more smoke filled during that first semester as students realized that the classes were excruciatingly boring (we were forced to take courses we didn’t want because a computer glitch had screwed up most everyone’s registrations).
Ah yes, my first experience in the real world of computer screw ups – the joke being that I had to take American History, Fortran programming, Humanities of Chile, & Intro Sociology when I wanted to study Mass Media and Cobol programming, Physical Geography and Psychology- and overbooking of the main computer meant I was forced to spend Saturday evenings running programs with a stack of punch cards, only to discover there was an error somewhere (start over punching cards and rebook the following Saturday night) – not my idea of good times.

But one of my friends and I would find refuge during those days in one of the college cafeterias by eating french fries with gravy and cueing up “Just a Singer” in the jukebox while we dreamed of breaking out of our self-imposed prison and becoming rock stars…..we repeated that ritual over and over and over……mind numbing.

From the album Seventh Sojourn:

I’m Just a Singer (in a Rock ‘N Roll Band) – Moody Blues – 1972
YT post by pauloalves81


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