Run Forrest Run

June 14, 2011

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One of my favorite songs by one of my favorite artists. Neil sat on the steps at school and played guitar with his denied friend about 2 miles from where I live now. Very cool.
This is a song about his old hearse that he drove around Ontario, Canada, Buffalo, Springfield  and beyond. Mort (the hearse) started to gasp for air near Blind River, beyond The Soo. Another place I’ve been to a million times – would you believe 30? How ’bout I seen it on TV once – on an episode of The Forest Rangers? See Bob Dylan singing WWIII Blues post a few days back (the guy with the ‘Beatle hair cut’ at the table is Michael Zenon who played Joe Two Rivers in the Forest Rangers).

Neil Young – Long May You Run Unplugged 1993

YT post by ifcabob


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