All Warren Out

August 11, 2011

Warren Zevon. What more can I say. I just love his stuff. And you won’t see BS on these pages again either. Just check out the people that contributed to WZ’s last album The Wind (Grammy – Best Contempory Folk Album)from where this piece of work came.
The song captures the present situation in the US right now – and London and the ROW.
Warren Zevon – acoustic guitar, piano, electric guitar, keyboards, vocals
Gil Bernal – saxophone
Jackson Browne – background vocals in “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” and “Prison Grove”
T-Bone Burnett – background vocals in “Prison Grove”
Jorge Calderón – acoustic guitar, bass, electric guitar, maracas, background vocals, tres, Spanish vocals
Mike Campbell – electric guitar
Luis Conte – percussion, bongos, conga, drums, maracas
Ry Cooder – slide guitar in “Dirty Life and Times” and “Prison Grove”
Brad Davis – electric guitar, background vocals
Steve Gorman – drums in “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door”
Reggie Hamilton – upright bass
Emmylou Harris – background vocals in “Please Stay”
Don Henley – drums in “Dirty Life and Times” and “She’s Too Good for Me”
Jim Keltner – drums
David Lindley – background vocals, lap steel guitar, electric saz
Randy Mitchell – background vocals, slide guitar
Tom Petty – background vocals in “The Rest of the Night”
James Raymond – piano
Timothy B. Schmit – background vocals in “She’s Too Good for Me”
Tommy Shaw – background vocals, 12 string acoustic guitar
Bruce Springsteen – background vocals and electric guitar in “Disorder in the House”, electric guitar in “Prison Grove”
Billy Bob Thornton – background vocals in “Dirty Life and Times” and “Prison Grove”
John Waite – background vocals
Joe Walsh – slide guitar in “Rub me Raw”
Dwight Yoakam – background vocals
Jordan Zevon – background vocals

Warren Zevon – Disorder in the House 2003
YouTube post by WarrenZevonAddict

Zevon pic credit and cool story


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