Getting Jobbed

October 9, 2011

I was avoiding this topic, but yesterday I heard someone say that Steve Jobs was “our generation’s John Lennon”. Well, if that’s true then we are all in a lot of trouble.

Jobs was a forward thinking businessman who put himself in the right place at the right time. He was able to do that better than anyone on this planet. And he was able to give people what they thought they wanted. For that he deserves credit (from a business standpoint).

 He didn’t advocate peace on earth, he didn’t demand an end to war, violence and racial issues, he didn’t say ‘love is the answer’, he didn’t question over-population, rampant consumerism or the future of mother earth. He was a businessman. He told people what they wanted to have and knew how to make consumers believe that what he was selling was what they needed.

Remember the 1981 movie “The Gods Must Be Crazy“? A Coke bottle is discarded from an airplane overAfrica and hits earth intact. It is found by simple tribesmen who believe it was god-sent and start worshipping it, putting it to use and eventually fighting over the one and only bottle. One different thinking man realises the trouble the bottle has caused his people and takes it to throw over the edge of the earth. In doing so, he discovers the outside world.

These so-called simple people went from happiness to hatred due to the ‘discovery’ of the bottle. These people were so “simple” that they believed that if they allowed their picture to be taken, they would lose their soul.

Today, we have something wonderful called facial recognition software that can not only identify people in the image, it can attach a whole data base of personal information to that face. Stealing that person’s soul?

Steve Jobs was a businessman. One of the best. And he was 3 months older than me. I figure I have 90 days to make the same kind of impact on humanity that SJ did. There’s no doubt that I think differently than most people. Some would say I am crazy. Are the stars aligned for me like they were for Mr jobs back in the 70’s? Wish me luck.

Steve Jobs Narrates Apple’s Commercial for the Think Different Campaign – 1990s
“Salute to Steve Jobs” YouTube post by Media2o


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