Home Sweet Home

November 14, 2011

image credit and story

Was up/down in the mid-west to celebrate Vetran’s/Remembrance day. But on my way home I wondered “What if you have more than one home?” Or like me, five. I guess “home” is where you feel safe (relatively) and comfortable (but not too numb).
That’s what those who we are remembering/honoring were fighting for. But lately, starting with Vietnam (maybe Korea) we have been asking “What are we fighting for?”

The answer, mes amis, is blowin’ around out there someplace.

You might recognise some of these old farts – cuz it takes one to know one huh.
Great old song. The sound ain’t the best, and the videography lacks sensitivity but it is priceless all the same.

Buffalo Springfield – On The Way Home – Bridge School
Youtube post by ZUrlocker


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