BAD 80’s Music

December 9, 2011

This BAD song (Big Audio Dynamite) was recorded in 1985 and I think might have had some inspiration upon Joel’s “We Didn’t Start the Fire“. Just a wee bit.

Mick Jones (Clash) and Big Audio Dynamite – E=MC2 – 1985
Studio: Upload by TheUTubeTeamSucks

Live: Upload by funix66hl

lyrics: (from Natalie @


Somebody i never met
But either way i know
Did`nt think that you could get
So much from a picture show
Man dies first reel
People ask whats the deal
This aint how its supposed to be
Dont like no Aborigine

Took a trick in powis square
Pop star dyed his hair
No fans to scream and shout
when mobsters came to flush him out
Gangland slaying underground
New identity must be found
On the left bank for a while
Insanity Bohemian style

Ritual ideas relativity
Only building no people prophecy
Time slide place to hide nudge reality
Foresight minds wide magic imagery ,
Oh Oh

Met a dwarf that was no good
Dressed like little red riding hood
Bad habit taking life
Calling card a six inch knife
Ran off real fast
Shouted something about the past
Best sex i`ve ever had
As each moment was the last
Drops of blood colour slide
Funeral for his bride
But its him whos really dead
Gets to take the funeral ride

Repeat chorus

Space guy fell from the sky
Scratch my head and wonder why
Time slides into time
Across international dateline
Scientists eats bubblegum
Hall of fame baseball
Senetors a hoodlum
Big chiefs in the hall

Repeat chorus

Stray thoughts fear to tread
Placed upon the screen instead
She`s my flame to hot to hold
Had to settle for her cold
Blood lust greek god gold discovery
Gone bust tight wad slow recovery
Axe job flame thrower iron bar and gun
Betting shop new owner a walk in the sun

Repeat chorus

Spread the news the maestros back
With a beat box soundtrack
The king of brains-queen of the sack
Executive has heart attack
Its assault course celluloid
The money makers would avoid
Sometimes notions get reversed
Centre of the universe


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