Disco in the Dust Bin

December 10, 2011

I will never post a “disco” song on this electronic rag unless…..it reminds me of something that I can’t seem to get out of my head.

So there I was. Back in September 1977. Driving down Interstate 15 in beautiful Idaho. Suddenly, I’m in this strange landscape…….a black lava field that goes on for miles. A drastic change from the cool forests and mountain air I had just driven through. It is what is lovingly referred to as “Hell’s Half Acre” by those who know better.

Now, I was a geography major at the time but I was more into climatology, not rocks. I hated rocks. And rock slides. But there I was, my breath taken away – and at that precise moment in time onto the radio comes the erie beginning of this song. Perfect timing. It is the only reason I like this disco style song. Honest.

I Feel Love – Donna Summer – 1977
Upload by Douglaseamigos


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