I’ve Opted Out of giving this a title

December 9, 2012


32 years ago we lost John Lennon. Time flies when you’re making war.

In 1970, my brother gave me this album for Christmas and I put it on in the living room where my parents were at … and left. Anyone who knows this LP knows that Johnny used swear words liberally throughout (something that was unheard of in mainstream music/entertainment of the day).

I still smile when I think of my folks on Christmas day listening to JL F-bomb this and F-bomb that.

Working Class Hero – John Lennon 

YT post by JohnLennonMusic

Did JL use the word “F#$%#&@” at the mid-point of the song as an adjective or as a verb? Its been driving me F#$%#&@ crazy for 42 years!


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