That Helluva Band Just Got a Keyboard Player

May 21, 2013


I’ll never forget an interview with Ray Manzarek, commenting on the sudden death of bandmate Jim Morrison. He went on and on about how creative JM was. And we may never have known Morrison if Manzarek hadn’t given us one of the bands that made the most impact in those tumultuous sixties. An impact so powerful, it carries on today.

Which reminds me of the extented version of Light My Fire…..sometimes our local radio station played it rather than the shortened radio edit. I can remember driving home after a long vacation in 1967, all we had heard was the shortened radio edit all the way through the east. And here we were, on a Minnesota highway, finally able to pick up our local station and there it was……the long version. We were home.

Here is a variant of that solo by Mr Ray Manzarek. Boston. 1970.
YT post by Halcón Galáctico

RIP Ray Manzarek.


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