Hot Rock – Don’t Play With Fire

July 2, 2013

A tribute message for firefighters is displayed on the windows of a coffee shop in Prescott

Tragedy struck my home state of Arizona on the weekend as 19 Granite Mountainhot shots” perished fighting a wildfire south of Prescott. The irony is that they may have become victims of their profession’s own success. Natural fires are a way of nature replenishing forests and no fires had burned (or been allowed to burn) for decades in the area where they were fighting this ferocious fire.

This one was bad – the worst in 80 years of American wild firefighting and worse than Montana’s Mann Gulch fire of the late 1940’s. It was, in essence, the perfect fire storm.

There is merit to swailing, or controlled burns, but you have to marvel at our species’ attempts (and inability) to control nature.

Mann Gulch Fire Tribute – posted by Hope


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