Signs, Signs, Everywhere’s Signs

September 13, 2013

Mr Hud’s original release of this song was back in ’72. For some reason there were a lot of songs about gypsys at that time (and preachers but that’s another entry).
I was in Grade 10 in a new school in a new country with new kids. It was a new life for me and so many songs bring out the memories of that difficult and exciting time for this here boy.
When I listen to this song today I am there, walking along a Pointe Claire street with a couple of new friends on a cold October night with this song running through my head. Classic!
Most people remember April Wine’s version from 1982 – the cool thing being that in ’72 AW was just starting out a new iteration of the band and had picked up a couple of guys from my old school. They played lunch hour gigs in the school gym honing their skills as they were on their way “up”.
So which one was better? Lorence Hud’s? The music student from the University of Saskatchewan. Or April Wine’s? The Waverley, Nova Scotia band from Montreal? Let’s just say both cuts bring back memories. And for me that’s what this kind of music is all about. Placeholders in time.

Lorence Hud – Sign Of The Gypsy Queen 1972
YT post by PeutEtreDejaVu

April Wine – Sign of the Gypsy Queen 1982
YT post by ClassiCHardRock1

…and just for kicks – a couple of other gypsy songs from that era.

Gypsy Woman – Brian Hyland – 1970
YT post by 74sodapop

Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves – Cher – 1971
YT post by Mytube4yourtube


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