Reed All About It.

October 28, 2013

great review about LR from the New York Times – April 2000

The Twitter is all a flutter with the sad news of Lou Reed’s passing this morning at the young age of 71. Very sad.

And of course, the smokey, lyrical talkie: Velvet Underground’s Sweet Jane ranks as one of my favourites.

The lesson below is good ‘cuz it introduces the coda (a part of a song that ushers in ‘the end’) and it shows how difficult this song is to sing and especially – get the ‘almost spoken lyrics’ timed just right. Lou was a master at it but when played for the first time the player realizes how difficult it (the timing not the chords) can be. When I play it using regular chords – as opposed to the power chords shown here – and try to sing, something gets screwed up (either the lyrics and/or the chords). Alhough I can chew gum and play at the same time, evidently I have trouble with singing Sweet Jane and playing at the same time.

But first: Lou himself, the way it was meant to be. From “Lou Reed’s Berlin” a film by Julian Schnabel released 2007. When Berlin  (Reed’s 3rd album after Velvet Underground) was released in 1973, reviews were luke-warm – as one reviewer noted “Lou Reed should just go away and die”….

YT post by Raufschunaiden
Lou Reed – Sweet Jane live

YT post by mahalodotcom


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