Down in the Boondocks

November 26, 2013


As Warren Zevon says: I wanna live alone in the desert. I wanna be like Georgia O’Keefe…..Tuscon gives you that feel. Some call it isolated. Its the kind of place that, when you talk to the people there, that many see it as a town you have to leave. I love it. It’s that perception of isolation that brings out the goodness.

I was never a fan of big cities. Yeah, yeah, I can enjoy a few days in Los Angeles, Paris or Manhattan. But my heart’s in smaller centres, especially those that give out great vibes.

So after enjoying some real food – from a Mexican family restaurant that’s been operating for decades, – I take a stroll down 6th Ave N and come across an empty lot between two buildings. A musician is setting up and mumbles the Eric Burdon comment: “I gotta get outa this place”….and then starts playing some sweet blues licks. The guy was great and I’m thinking “You don’t know how lucky you are!” (a sentiment aimed at both the player and Tucson). In the middle of nowhere – that’s where you find the real thing.

Imagine walking into a bar aptly called Boondocks and seeing these players cook their stuff…
Giant Blue with Anna Warr – Come to Momma 2010
YT post by RenHinks


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