Yes, But I Wrote it Too

December 5, 2013


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A story about copyrights and coffee rights:
Todd Snider has a little banter going with his audience when he plays. He’s a joy to watch. And one of the stories he brings up is when he met Alan Jackson behind the scenes at one of them there music award shows. AJ says “Hey Todd Snider. I’ve had a lot of trouble with you. You know that song you wrote…….well I wrote it too!” He then goes on to explain that it is his song too ‘cuz he changed a few lyrics, maybe it has a completely different bridge….something like that.
Yeah. Rock n Roll (and country etc) is a vicious game alright.
There’s a commercial on TV right now by Johnny Reid for Tim Hortons that has some very familiar sounds and visuals to it. Even the subject matter (great to be home), and the way the video was shot ‘on the road’ – is the same.
Although there is no doubt it isn’t the same song, there is also no doubt (in my suspicious mind) as to where the inspiration for the ad and song: “A Little Taste of Home” came from. It came from Mike Plume’s 8:30 Newfoundland (This is Our Home).
See for yourself and remember the words in the April Wine song: Isn’t it a pity, isn’t it a shame, No one ever warned the boy, Rock n’ roll is a vicious game, oh yeah.
Johnny Reid – A Little Taste Home
yt post by Albert de Laat

Mike Plume – 8:30 Newfoundland (This is Our Home)

My suspicious mind comes from being part American, but also being Canadian and oh so polite, I’d like to (on behalf of Tim Hortons and Johnny Reid) thank Mike Plume for inspiring “A Little Taste of Home” or as I like to call it: A Little Taste of 8:30 Newfoundland. You know JR won’t give thanks…..after all he wrote the song right?

Btw – both songs are great!


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