Le Soliel

December 13, 2013



Nothing beats any video from The Ed Sullivan Show (if you grew up in the U.S. or Canada during the sixties. Sunday evening was time to turn on one of the four TV channels and watch Ed – and for me especially, the latest band performing a top 40 hit.
This is the Top 10 musical acts on the Ed Show – C’est bon, surtout si vous parlez le français.
YT post by watchmojofr

….and Gayle Garnett who moved to Canada as a child and had this big hit in the mid-sixties. (She also has written several books and been on many TV shows and movies including most recently Aunt Lexy in (Winnipegger Nia Vardolos’ and Tom Hank’s movie) Big Fat Greek Wedding – 2002.
This song definitely reminds me of playing at my neighbour’s cottage, on the beach, in the sunshine. My friend’s mom always had the radio on a sort of country station and this song was played a lot back then.
btw she’s not introduced by Ed Sullivan…..
Gayle Garnett – We’ll Sing in the Sunshine – 1964
YT post by saw1110ful


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