See Terry Run

September 12, 2014


I saw a car at a red light this afternoon. It had a sticker like the one above on the back. And out of the window came a puff of smoke as the driver flicked a cigarette butt onto the street. You think it can’t get to you? Think again.

This week I went to my third funeral for a friend who had died of cancer in as many years. It’s a freakin epidemic.

Watching this video, you can feel the immense pain and agony that Terry endured as he ran a little over half way across the second largest country in the world for one reason only. To raise money for cancer research.

Below is Terry’s Run set to a song by another Canadian who also was helping people as he took his last breath – Stan Rogers. And 33 years later the city and province of his birth, Manitoba, named the August holiday Monday Terry Fox Day. From Ehar’s Channel:

From Stan Rogers’ 1977 album of the same name – Turnaround

Or watch the first movie made specifically for HBO back in 83.
The Terry Fox Story


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