October 2, 2014


Good from far but far from good.


My international students have good and bad things to say about the town I live in and the one they have chosen to study in. But one thing they all mention, and they come from all over the planet, is how clean the air is. The take away from that is that most of this planet is tainted with bad air.

One of those students comes from a city that has a somewhat recognised pollution issue – and it’s not in India or Asia. See picture above. What amazes me is that that picture is not touched up. It was taken from a mountain top looking across the urban valley but above the pollution held down by inversion. Most people live in the haze but only see the clear blue above.

I have to admit, I prefer his 1980s version of this classic, but the issue being dealt with is really all that matters. It is not going away no matter how much people bash those damn “tree huggers”.  And what have we done in the quarter century between this song’s releases? Not much. The WWF just released a statement saying that the earth has lost half its wild species in the past 40 years. When I think about how passionate we were in hi skool about pollution issues and “man’s footprint”, I can’t believe that we just let it go the way it has. In spite of the good intentions, we weren’t saving it then, and we certainly aren’t saving it now. Gotta make money. Gotta pay the bills. We have to put our waste somewhere. We need fossil fuels to run the economy. Pity.

Jeff Lynne – Save Me Now 2013


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