The creator.

November 8, 2014

Recently I watched a video of a group of indigenous people in the mountains who are doing everything they can to stop an oil pipeline from being built through the land that feeds them. Unlike their Mandan counterparts in North Dakota, who have been given hundreds of millions of dollars (bought) to allow fracking to take place on their land to extract oil, these people cannot be bought. They are still very attached to the land and respect it. They (and the few left on the planet like them) are the only ones of our species who can save us from ourselves.
The native American people do share some similarities with American black and Hispanic culture but there are some very obvious differences as well….as said prior, there are still some remaining, who understand and live in harmony with mother earth. They cannot be bought. But it remains to be seen if they too will disappear.
And indigenous music is centered around the drum – the heartbeat. If you bring it to the lowest common denominator, it is the circle (or loop). Wab Kinew, in an interview with Rebel Music, said “Traditionally, in the Native American community, music was healing, music was positivity, music was medicinal,”.

There is nothing I don’t like bout this:
yt post by Billings Gazette
Supaman – ‘Prayer Loop Song’ 2012


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