A Tail of Two Versions

November 9, 2014


I remember going to watch Help as a nine year old back in ’65. I went with my buddy Ross……(that’s another sad and tragic story of alcohol abuse later in life). But we enjoyed the movie, the songs, the freedom as only nine year olds can.

The song was also covered by a Brit band indirectly named after a sea creature from Celtic folklore. The tales grew out of the Orkney islands, which played a large role in the historical development of the land I now live in….the land depicted in the second video below.

I think I like the Silkie version even more than The Beatles’.

From the movie Help (you mean John is playing an acoustic? A 12-string acoustic? This was the same year that Dylan switched to electric guitar……we was so confused…) BTW – all major chords: G, D, F, G, C, F, C, G add a few notes to the chords and there you have it!

The Beatles – You Got to Hide Your Love Away – 1965

parlophone post

(The) Silkie cover – 1965


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