There is a Season

January 21, 2015


Some day. Some how. I need to land myself a good Rickenbacker 12.

Here’s a video demoing a 1968 Rickenbacker 366 12 string with a “comb” to change it to a standard 6-string. You get a good feel for those sounds that you have heard in many tunes but may not have known the culprit.

Note that the lower octave string is set first as you strum downward. Also the higher/lower octave tuning pegs are located perpendicular to each other for tuning “ease”. And toaster pickups…As explained by drawbars on AgileGuitarForum: Toaster pickups use rod magnets, and have a chimey, jangly sound with a slightly scooped lower midrange. Great examples are the intros to the Byrds’ Eight Miles High and the Beatles’ Day Tripper. They sound a little like a cross between a P-90 and a Tele pickup. All ’60s Rickenbackers had toaster pickups; even older 4001 basses use one of the guitar pups at the neck position.

from ChicagoMusicExchange


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