Songs From the Wood

March 7, 2015


Make music locally.

Our local folk festival announced the performers for the upcoming fest. It’s a beautiful spot on the hill in the trees. Great place to listen to and make music. One of the many good acts promised is Kurt Vile. He plays the laid back style I like….with a bit of an edge.

Here he is on Seattle’s KEXP with his Violators. Check out Steve Gunn’s strings – one the funkiest Telecasters you’ll ever see – made out of reclaimed wood. But special reclaimed wood that makes the music that much more interesting.

More detail about the guitar comes from this comment from good ole gjh400:

You can buy those, they’re made by Rick Kelly – he’s a luthier that has a shop in the Bowery in N.Y.C.  He makes all of his guitars from wood sourced from old lofts typically once inhabited by artists — that is one of his “pine tele’s” probably built from jim jarmusch’s loft.
Kurt Vile and The Violators – Live on KEXP 2013

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