Blues Bent Out of Shape

March 23, 2015


When I think of blues (and it’s cousins), I think of surfing. And when I think of surfing, I think of Manitoba. (I think I think differently than most).

Triple Spin: Another song by Ash. With an Oz surfing twist. And oh….did  I mention he’ll be here at Birds Hill in July? Prime surfing season in the “prairie” province.

by AussieMusicChannel

Ash Grunwald – Longtime – 2012

And some fine river surfing in Manitoba. 2009 Note: the waves are not caused by rocks but by a massive amount of water being squeezed into a relatively narrow channel. The water is actually quite deep….

Track: Surf Song – Bag of Toys

And seeing as Tom Cochrane often spends time with the rellies in and around the Winnipeg River..

Beautiful Day – Tom Cochrane


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