All the World’s a Stage

April 1, 2015


According to Kubler-Ross there are five (plus 2) stages that we go though upon being shocked out of the relative calm of our day to day existence by something traumatic that we encounter. From

The initial state before the cycle is received is stable, at least in terms of the subsequent reaction on hearing the bad news. Compared with the ups and downs to come, even if there is some variation, this is indeed a stable state.

And then, into the calm of this relative paradise, a bombshell bursts…

* This model is extended slightly from the original Kubler-Ross model, which does not explicitly include the Shock and Testing stages. These stages however are often useful to understand and facilitating change.

For a long time now, we have been playing by the rules, following the script, but lately some have been performing out of script. Some characters have been acting in a very unpredictable manner. The present scene has us leaving a relative calm in our evolutionary cycle and entering a new phase……

Good light song that has four other versions being released (Heart Full of Denial etc).

Heart Full of Anger – French Press 2012


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