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April 9, 2015

830Set your watch to 8:30 and your schedule to June 20 for MPBs annual “Summers Around Here Don’t Last Forever” even though we wish they did.

As a kid we often went up into “The Gatineaus”. (Covered bridges and stuff).

And Megan Webb has put together images of my favourite place on the planet (Newfoundland & Labrador) set to Mike Plume Band’s 8:30 Newfoundland. (The video does seem to be obsessed with rabbits though).

So after your visit to the capital region (specifically The Black Sheep Inn, Wakefield, Quebec), get over to NL. Great people. Great music. Great place.

Yup. It’s gonna be a busy summer…..too bad it’s so damn short here in .ca .

Play it:

G                                                             D
From the rolling fields of wheat, to the busy city streets
Em                                   C
There is a feeling and a spirit all our own
G                                                D
True North strong and free, stand on guard you and me
Em                             C
From the east to the west we roam
This is our home
G                                                                   D
From Norman Wells at the top and all the way to the rock
Em                           C
There’s a wind that’s always blown
G                                      D
From down Summerside to the Queen Charlotte Islands
Em                                   C
There is a way of life we’ve always known
G                                C
This is our home…This is our home
G                                                    D
I’ve seen the Northern lights dancing over Yellowknife.
Em                                    C
While standing in the middle of a field
G                     D
From Pier 21 all the way to Flin Flon
Em                            C
You’ve gotta cross that Canadian Shield
G                                        D
And no one knows winter like we know winter
Em                      C
Blowing in off of Lake Ontario
G                                   D
From the Ottawa canal to Bon Homme Carnival
Em                                 C
There is a little place I love in the Gatineau’s
Em                                              C
With a covered bridge and a swimming hole
G                             C          D
This is our home…This is our home
Em                        D
From Portage and Main to Yonge and Queen
G                           C
And every street corner in between
Em                            D
No matter where you go in this rugged land
G                                  C
There is one thing we all understand
Em                               C
Every woman, every child and man
8:30 Newfoundland
8:30 Newfoundland
8:30 Newfoundland
G                                                           D
Way up in Peace Country and down east in King’s county
Em                                    C
And clear across to Thunder Bay
G                                         D
Where Winnipeg feels like forever and Hope feels like never
Em                          C
Let alone out Campbell River way
And when you cross the border
And see a caribou on the quarter
Em                               C
Then and only then will you be home
I’ve driven from the Peg to the Chuck
And Yankee’s call us Canucks
Em                                     C
But together we’ll never stand alone
Em                                     C
Yeah, together we’ll never stand alone
Em                                         C
Yeah, forever the Maple Leaf will be flown
G                              C
This is our home…. This is our home
G                              C
This is our home…. This is our home
Tar sands in Fort Mac
Redwood strands in Kitimat
Em                               C
And down in the Shuswaps too
G                               D
I’ve seen midnight feel like high noon
Em                   C
From the Dome to Saskatoon
G                                 D
There’s Confederation bridge and Butternut Ridge
Em                         C
Sudbury and the Sault
G                                                D
I’ve lived in the Lakeland, I’ve been to the Badlands
Em                                      C
Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump, too
G                                                      D
I’ve been snowed in for days on the Trans Canada Highway
Em                                    C
And that was in the month of June
G                      D
Em                     C
This Is our home




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