Vibrating Strings

April 17, 2015


(Good quote…but Plato’s no longer a planet so who gives a damn?!)

I’ve got this Google app on my phone – Sky Map. It is exactly what it says it is. You see a star/planet up there and you point your phone at it. Sky map tells you what you’re looking at. I like it.

Now, Neil deGrasse Tyson visited a planetarium when he was young and decided at that point that he would study the stars, which lead to him becoming an astrophysicist, cosmologist, planetarium director, etc, etc. Me? I also went to a planetarium when I was young and I remember thinking it was really cool….but fake. Not the real thing. And I just shrugged my shoulders and concentrated on other things. But as I slowly realise the cosmic connection between music and the universe, I am becoming more and more attracted to things going on up there.

Big, big stars. Order and harmony.

Jet Set Satellite – 2000


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