Ok to Cry Wolf

May 12, 2015

45catcomReleased in .ca on the RCA label. Image from 45cat.com

This wasn’t The Wolf’s best song…..but I had the 45 and my 13 year old brain wanted it played over and over and over. The album version had a much longer “interlude”; I’d always listen for the whistle and double drum roll to got to the chorus again…..(I’d think “damn its the short version” or “damn its the long version”). Life was so complex back then!
This video from the Smothers Brothers Show is a classic example of what that era looked and sounded like….”Rock Me! (I’ve had it to here with your flowers and peace). So, just Rock me (baby)”.
See John play his beautiful Rickenbacker.

Steppenwolf – Rock Me 1969


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