McFlurry of Blows

May 19, 2015

dead skunkjoshuabryant

above: A Joshua Bryant photo taken this week of a skunk on a local beach. Death by McFlurry.

When we was young and recently graduated, we did what all west island kids did to celebrate our release into the world; drove down the highway to a local campground famous for welcoming youthful exuberance. While there, we noticed a wild animal stumbling around with a tin can stuck on its nose. It was slowly dying.

We notified the campground authorities who told us, more or less, “There’s nothing we can do”. The world had begun to let us down. But we were realising that our actions have results, and we should be responsible for them. Today, it seems most people quite frankly, don’t give a damn.

At this time in 1973, there was a flurry of songs that had that southern, banjo pickin, fiddle playing, flight from smokey flavour. And Canadians had some memorable additions to the genre. Both of the following songs are not well known outside of certain circles. One from the patriarch of a well known Canuckian music family, the other from a band using an American state for its name. The latter not to be confused with an American band using the same name (kinda like the Canadian Football League having two teams in a nine team league with the same team name).

Both songs remind me of that free spirited time. And Wawa is well known (for dubious reasons) to those of us who drove and/or hitch-hiked across the country at the time.

Dead Skunk in the Middle of the Road – Loudon Wainwright III 1972

yt post by Rick Rogan

Highway Driving – Alabama

yt post by Chris Chivers


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