The Awakening

July 18, 2015


There I was. Sixteen years old with my buddy Rory. We were on Ste Catherines Street in downtown Montreal, our home town. It was July 17, 1972. 43 years ago today. It was hot and there was a buzz in the air. A certain “je ne sais quoi”. The Rolling Stones were in town and showtime was only a few hours away.

I’ve never experienced anything like it and never will again. It was the first day of the rest of my musical life.

This is a great video of that night. Crowds of people just hanging out, playing a variety of instruments and beats as the smell of hash wafted through the air. Bottles of Southern Comfort everywhere. A bomb went off in one of their equipment trucks and the show started very late because of it… matter – we were entertained by a grown up Stevie Wonder. It wasn’t the best concert I ever went to but it was the greatest.

I can still see Mick throwing water on the crowd (and rose petals) as he shouts “Tres chaud! Tres chaud!”. Seems like yesterday……

Excerpt from Rock-A-Bye, a 1973 documentary:

Rolling Stones – Montreal, Forum, 17 July, 1972

by Jumping Jack Flash


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