From the Island

August 2, 2015



My grandfather was Irish. He married an American. And here I am.

Before heading west, my grandmother’s family lived in New England. There, they had worked and toiled in the factories for a few generations but before that the family tree extended back to Prince Edward Island (and before that it went back to southern Ireland). My folks also lived in PEI for a few years in their travels. I was made quite aware of my island roots as a boy.

So it was no wonder that, on our family trip to the Canadian Maritimes back in the sixties, I went wild when we rounded the Gaspé peninsula and I looked out to see all that water open up to the world. I was hooked on the Gulf, the Atlantic and the east coast lifestyle.

Gramps was born and raised in Belfast. And this band below was born in Belfast, PEI. The PEI Belfast was also the landing spot for a group of Scottish settlers known as the Selkirk settlers (named after the Lord who financed the resettlement of these poor Scots.) Another group of Selkirk settlers landed on the north coast of Manitoba and settled in what is now the city of Winnipeg. My current hometown…..the great circle…

Paper Lions – My Friend


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