Who Loves Ya Bay Street?

August 4, 2015


Toronto is a strange commodity. It is a huge urban blight on the Canadian landscape. It is as unCanadian as you can experience. Dirty vs clean air. Concrete vs nature. Urban racoons and squirrels vs polar bears and belugas. Yet, whenever outsiders think of Canada, they invariably think of Toronto. In fact, whenever Canadians think of Canada, images of Toronto muscle their way into our minds simply because of its impact on what we read, see and hear about our country. Toronto’s insecurity becomes the rest of Canada’s insecurity.

I’m going there in a few days and this morning I found myself in the middle of a conversation concerning the pros and cons of Billy Bishop Airport vs Pearson……and I am told Toronto only has one major airport (Billy Bishop) cuz Pearson is in Mississauga not Toroton…..so it goes.

I have ma and bro and family there, so occasionally I find myself in the city’s clutches. This band of merry women is from The Beaches – just east of “Old Toronto” and the islands where Billy Bishop airport is located.

The Beaches – Strange Love  2014


above: Bishop with his Neiuport 17 in all its simplistic beauty – “V” struts and heart shaped tail.


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