Not a Fogo Conclusion

August 6, 2015

cold beer

The George Street Festival in St. John’s just wrapped up. Uniquely Newfoundland that thing. And you don’t go to Newfoundland for the great weather. And you don’t go to Fogo Island – on Newfoundland’s north coast –  for the thrills and spills. But NL will draw you in and grab hold of you if you let it.

When I was a high school student I came across a town name that captured my imagination –  Joe Batt’s Arm (on the video below – turn left at 18:49). I promised myself that one day, no matter how difficult it is to get to, I’d go there. Well, it took 35 years but I finally made it there and it was like I was satisfying my life-long number one bucket list item.In fact, it was more. It was like I was coming home.

Like the language of the people and Fogo’s architecture, it is a step across into another time.

At a old school-house converted to a restaurant in Tilting, I was chatting with the guy and his daughter at the next table. I found out later that he was the young architect who’d designed the controversial hotel perched out on the rocks overlooking the ocean. He’d flown over from Norway and grabbed a helicopter from St John’s for the flight up the coast to Fogo to inspect the place.  Ah….the life of a rock star I thought. But you know, to me it felt to me like we were equal….both damn lucky to be at one of the four corners of the world at that place in time.

I love the rock, the people, the seemingly endless variety of accents and unique expressions and, of course, the music. It has a special affect on me. I could easily live there.

This video is here because they are good, they are Newfoundlanders and it features Fogo.

Hey Rosetta – Fogo Sessions

from Sonic Records


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