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August 12, 2015


In not too many years, I can see seniors homes featuring Sunday afternoon sixties music at their garden parties….amazing transformation from the Lawrence Walk polka jamborees from days gone by. Folks will be sitting there in their wheel chairs with their hearing aids turned up singing “I can’t get no…..Satisfaction”.

Last night I went to a concert by a sixties tribute band  Replay – The Sixties. Here’s what gets me. When they were doing Satisfaction, it became apparent, as everyone was singing along, that most people don’t know the words. How many million times have we heard this song, yet other than the opening stanza and the chorus, it seems nobody has bothered to pick up the lyrics. Amazing.

So as a public service, here is Satisfaction, with lyrics. Learn them. Impress your friends at future garden parties.

Satisfaction-Rolling Stones Lyrics

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