Carrion My Wayward Son

October 25, 2015

Vicious. Spiteful. Deceitful. Malicious. Toxic. Hostile. Cruel. That’s why friends don’t let friends go into the business of rock and/or roll.

One of the more tragic stories coming out of the musical industrial complex is the story of the band Badfinger. Lesson: there is always a vulture waiting.


I more or less ignored the band when they hit the scene back in the early seventies largely because I felt they were a bit overly contrived (or at least the hype surrounding the band was). But, as I have mellowed over the years, I have come to appreciate the talent they were, in particular, the song writing abilities of Pete Ham and Tom Evans.

This Badfinger song became more popular recently due to its use in the TV show Breaking Bad…..(another popular phenomena that I have chosen to ignore….maybe in 40 years I’ll take a peek). Click here to view the portion of the finale using the song.

This is a good intermediate exercise/tutorial on the song simplified by choking your guitar up 4 frets and using common chord shapes…check it. It can be fun to play as you work it out.

Badfinger – Baby Blue (1972) – Breaking Bad finale Song – Guitar lesson – how to play on guitar

post by martyzsongs

(Oh the innocence) Badfinger – Baby Blue live in ’72

by mikecarter79

…or, if you want, you can learn a more difficult version of the song at this link.


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