Natural Law Parting

November 6, 2015


Last night, I was reading the musings of an acquaintance who travelled to India and came across the town of Rishikesh on the banks of the roaring Himalayan Ganges. According to Hindu folklore, Rishikesh was where Ram (a brilliant Hindu God and Paul’s 1971 album name)  was sent after the slaying of Rāvaṇa (the demon). This is the city of Yoga and meditation and peace and psychedelic drugs. The same town the Beatles visited in 1968 prior to their break-up. His stories are so interesting I was thinking of going there but I’d like to fly non-stop on the Rishikesh express (so terribly sorry).

What really was the cause of the break up of the most influential band ever??…..Some say it was Yoko. Others the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

Here is a number (9b?) by John Lennon and Yoko after his trip to the Himalayas to “visit” the transcendental guru. John was clearly not impressed. Donovan and George on the other hand were into it. The Maharishi was known to enjoy the odd Natural Law Party. Peace.

Scandalous “obit” story in the Mirror here.

Maharishi ‘Song’ – 1968?

post by Nick Taxi

And of course : Sexy Sadie (rare version posted by albumania)


Think I’ll learn me some yoga …. it’s easy. Knot.


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